Terms & Conditions

These Terms of Use constitute a binding legal agreement between you and Luxe Florals.


 The “Owner” is  Luxe Florals
The “Hirer” refers to the person, firm or corporation hiring equipment from the Owner.
The “Equipment” means all the equipment and accessories supplied to the Hirer.
“Terms” means these Terms and Conditions of Hire.


The hire is for one day unless agreed upon mutually in writing by both parties. Extended hire periods can be arranged in the original booking of the Hirer and will depend on the availability of Equipment. Luxe Florals will provide a quote for an extended hire period on the request of the Hirer. Inability for our drivers to access the equipment for pick up will incur a daily charge for the equipment for any days beyond the agreed hire period. Any additional charges incurred may be charged to a credit card or invoiced.


 All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars and include GST.

A 15% surcharge will be incurred on public holidays.

 Credit card details are required as a security bond from the Hirer and held in the case of any and all damages, breakages, theft or unaccounted Equipment from Luxe Florals.


No refund applies for Equipment cancelled on delivery.

No refund applies to cancellations of Custom Built and full payment must be paid by the Hirer.

We will certainly try to accommodate any date changes you require, if the new date you have selected is available. Please let us know as soon as possible of any date changes.

7 days notice prior to delivery date is required for a cancellation of the booking, otherwise the booking will be charged at the full standard rate.

If the order is cancelled less than 7 days prior to the event date the client shall be entitled to a refund of 50% of the Hire Fee. The remaining 50% of the Hire Fee shall be retained by Luxe Florals as compensation for the cancellation of the order.

Cancellation Fee is a reasonable estimate made at the time of entering into the Agreement of the anticipated loss that Luxe Florals will suffer by reason of the cancellation of the Agreement.


 All quotes provided expire within 7 calendar days. Luxe Florals reserves the right to adjust the prices in any quotation once the expiry period has been reached. Equipment is hired on a ‘first come, first served’ basis and a quotation does not guarantee the availability of any/all items.


 The Hirer assumes all responsibility for the Equipment from the time of delivery until collection by Luxe Florals and is liable for all Equipment damaged or lost during this period. Insurance is not covered by Luxe Florals once the Equipment has been delivered to the hirer.

The Hirer is responsible in maintaining at its expense all appropriate policies of insurance, covering liability, property and casualty insurances in amounts necessary to fully protect Luxe Florals and their products against all claims, loss or damage.

Luxe Florals is not responsible for any injury that may occur to persons over the hire period or thereafter due to any products supplied by Luxe Florals whether through payment or otherwise.

 Any Equipment used outside is done so entirely at the risk of the Hirer. In no case should the Equipment be used or left outside in the rain or overnight. In no case should any equipment be used on wet or muddy ground.

 Once all Equipment is returned and checked that it is in the same condition as prior to delivery no charge will be made.  Luxe Florals decision as to the condition of the Equipment prior to delivery and on return shall be final.

 Any charges made regarding damages, breakages, professional-cleaning costs or repairs the hirer will be invoiced accordingly and the relevant amount will be charged to the hirer’s nominated credit card.

 If an item is returned damaged but repairable, you the Hirer will be sent an invoice for the cost of repairs and payment will be charged to the hirer’s credit card.

 In the event that Luxe Florals is issued with a fine due to the instructions of the Hirer, the fine will be payable by the Hirer.

 The Hirer agrees that all charges for hire loss, hire extension, damage and repair will be paid and that all collection fees, legal fees or any expenses involved in the collection of these charges will be paid by the Hirer.


The hirer is responsible for having someone available to take delivery of the equipment at the nominated date and time. If the hirer fails to be there at that time, an additional delivery fee will be charged to re deliver the equipment at another time. Delivery and collection is completed as per advised time by Luxe Florals.


 Luxe Florals Management has the absolute right to refuse a booking and/or refund and payment made at their discretion.   


The hirer shall be responsible for giving any local or other authorities any necessary notice of their intention to erect the Equipment or to have Equipment erected and shall pay all fees in connection therewith. The hirer shall solely be responsible to ensure that the site is cleared and suitable. In the event that the Company incurs or suffers any loss, costs or damages as a consequence of the Customer's failure to carry out its obligations under these terms the hirer shall be solely responsible and shall indemnify the Company for any such loss, costs or damages.


The Customer is responsible for the security of the Equipment until such time as it is returned to or collected by the Company. In the event of the Equipment being stolen from the event, the hirer shall notify the Company in writing stating the full circumstances of the theft and the time the police were notified.


The Customer shall ensure that suitable access to and from the site is adequate to suit the mode of delivery or pick up.


All items supplied by Luxe Florals shall always be deemed owned by Luxe Florals

All products are supplied to the Hirer on the bases of reasonable use within the advertised context.

Should any item/s become lost, stolen or damaged when in possession of the Hirer, the Hirer shall immediately notify Luxe Florals.

The Hirer agrees to pay for all products lost, destroyed, stolen, damaged or not returned to the Luxe Florals.

Replacement costs will be paid to Luxe Florals based on the current pricing and availability of the items on the market. Should no equivalent item be found by the Luxe Florals then the Hirer is to reimburse Luxe Florals the cost in cash or bank transfer at a cost set by Luxe Florals.

15. The equipment remains the property of Supplier at all times. The hirer may not transfer this contract to another party without written consent of Supplier.


The Hirer consents to Luxe Florals use of event photos for marketing purposes provided to Luxe Florals whether for profit or not.